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School of Radiography  |  About Radiography

Radiography is the allied health profession that employs X-radiation to produce images of the human body.

  • The radiographer performs X-ray examinations.

  • The radiographer provides patient care, comfort and education.

  • The radiographer observes radiation safety and protection practices.

  • The radiographer produces high quality diagnostic radiographs for physician interpretation.

  • The radiographer assists in the performance of invasive and fluoroscopic procedures.

The profession of radiography requires technical skills related to proper use of X-ray equipment and radiation, as well as humanistic skills related to patient care. Radiography serves as the background for further specialization in the medical imaging modalities of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and angiography. Career opportunities also are available in education, management and technical sales.

Job Description

The radiographer or X-ray technologist is an essential member of the healthcare team. The radiographer is responsible for accurately positioning the patient and applying only the amount of radiation necessary to produce a quality diagnostic image. The radiographer understands radiation protection and knows how to perform diagnostic examinations safely. This protects both the patient and the radiographer. Radiography is a rewarding career that combines patient care with modern medical technology. The radiographer contributes a special skill to help diagnose injury and disease.
For more information on the typical duties of a Radiographer, visit the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Salary Schedules

Entry-level salaries vary by geographic regions and by the type of facility in which one is employed, locally this figure ranges from $42,000–$45,000. Education may be continued in other branches of medical imaging technology such as nuclear medicine, diagnostic medical sonography (ultrasound), or radiation therapy. All involve an additional year of course work and are associated with a higher entry-level salary. Technologists also may advance into the educational, management, or marketing segments of the profession.

For more information on salaries and the future job outlook of a Radiographer, visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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