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6 Ways to Boost Your Daily Steps

Written on January 14, 2017

You've gone for a walk, taken the stairs and parked at the back of the lot but your step counts still come up short. Not to worry! We have a few more ways to help you boost your daily step count.

6 Tips to Keep Skin Soft

Written on January 7, 2017

There's just never enough lotion this time of year! Even if you don't struggle with chronic dry skin, the cold temps and biting wind of January can really dry you out.

7 Ways to Avoid the New Year's Eve Hangover

Written on December 31, 2016

Afraid your midnight party will turn into a noontime headache? You're not alone – more than 75 percent of drinkers experience a hangover. While science doesn't entirely know why we get hangovers, there are a few things you can try to help.

Keep Your Resolution This Year

Written on December 30, 2016

Are you setting resolutions that you're doomed to break? If you find yourself breaking your resolutions year after year, maybe the problem is the resolution itself!

Make the Holidays Healthy

Written on December 16, 2016

The holiday season doesn't have to be fattening, but it can still be tasty! Our SwedishAmerican dietitian suggests these healthy swaps for your traditional recipes.

Don't Let Your Health Hibernate

Written by Tiffanie Ferry, MD on December 13, 2016

It's a winter wonderland out there! With our first deep snow of the season, perhaps you're ready to start hibernating. But don't let your indoor days lead into bad health habits. Here are a few tips to stay healthy this winter .

Safe Toys for the Holidays

Written on December 9, 2016

We all know kids will be playing with empty boxes on Christmas morning. But at some point, they'll get around to checking out the toys as well – and it's important to make sure they are age-appropriate and safe.

Safe Tree Trimming Tips

Written on December 2, 2016

Trimming the tree can be one of the best Christmas memories you make with your kids. That's why it's important to keep the activity fun and safe. Safe Kids Coalition Coordinator Penny Lentz offers this advice for holiday decorating:

Healthy Tips for Your Turkey Day

Written on November 19, 2016

Don't let your Thanksgiving gobble end up as a wobble! Here are her best tips to make this year's Thanksgiving a bit healthier.

5 Ways to Break Sugar Addiction

Written on November 12, 2016

If your sweet tooth has started managing your waistline, it might be time to step away from the sugar!

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