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This section of our Web site contains answers to many of the general questions you and your loved ones may have about your upcoming hospital stay. More specific details are available in our Patient Handbook (English / Español), which can be downloaded from our Web site free of charge.

To contact a hospitalized patient, dial (815) 968-4400, press 0 and give the operator the patient's name.

We are committed to delivering the highest patient satisfaction at SwedishAmerican Health System. Our patients have the right and are encouraged to share with us their dissatisfaction with the care they received, or any concerns about patient care and safety. Patients may discuss their dissatisfaction or concerns directly with any staff or manager or contact Guest Relations for assistance. Patients may send an e-mail to patientfeedback@swedishamerican.org or call the Guest Relations office at (815) 489-4008. Patients also may contact us via our online contact form. We will address your concerns as promptly as possible.

If after contacting us, you feel we still have not adequately addressed your concerns, patients may report concerns directly to the Illinois Department of Public Health by calling (800) 252-4343 or to The Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time, weekdays.

Frequently Asked Questions

SwedishAmerican's main campus is located in the 1400 block of E. State Street in Rockford, Illinois, approximately 90 miles northwest of Chicago. General driving directions to our campus are provided on our Web site.

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Yes! You are welcome to use our free valet parking service at the State Street and Charles Street entrances of the hospital. Attendants are available to park your car from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You may retrieve your car after these hours by calling security at extension 4092.

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SwedishAmerican welcomes the friends and families of our patients. Visiting hours are open for most areas of the hospital, except for the Center for Mental Health. Visitors arriving after 9:00 p.m. must enter the hospital via the Emergency Department to receive a visitor’s pass from Security, since all other public entrances will be locked. For more specific information and hours, please visit our Visiting Hours and Guidelines page.

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Arrangements can be made to have a reasonably priced guest tray delivered to a patient's room by contacting the dietary department at extension 4660.

Visitors also can dine at our newly renovated Commons Cafe, which is located on the hospital's fourth floor. Service is available from 6:30 am - 7:00 pm. Hot entrees are served, as well as soups, salads, grilled sandwiches and specialties. Fresh fruits, assorted desserts, frozen yogurt and a variety of hot and cold beverages are available. All items are served a la carte for your convenience.

Vending machines are always accessible and are available on the first floor and on the second floor. Snacks are also available in Lori's Gift Shop, located near the main entrance.

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With locations at our State Street and Charles Street entrances, Lori’s Gifts provides a wide selection of gifts, flowers, snacks and reading material. To send a gift to relatives or friends who are staying with us, please call (815) 489-4320 and we will be happy to help you find the right gift item and take your order by phone.

State Street Entrance:
  Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sat-Sun 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Charles Street Entrance (Heart Hospital):
  Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sat-Sun Closed

Order Gifts Online

Find the perfect gift 24/7! We have a great assortment of Same-Day Delivery gifts. Lori’s Gifts accepts Discover Card, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International and American Express.

To order from the State Street store, please click here.

To order from the Charles Street store, please click here.

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An ATM machine is located on the fourth floor near the Commons Cafe for your convenience.

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For the convenience of your family and friends who want to stay nearby, we have a guest hotel located on the fourth floor. For availability, contact Patient Registration at extension 4694. On the pediatric unit, one parent may "room in" with the patient. Arrangements are made with the nurse.

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SwedishAmerican hospital offers a number of programs and services designed to help you and your family understand your illness and its physical, emotional and spiritual effects. Our specially trained social workers can help you by providing information about and referrals to community agencies, financial assistance programs, supportive counseling, educational programs and support groups. To request assistance, ask your physician or nurse.

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Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. SwedishAmerican's hospitalists are board-certified internal medicine physicians. Your primary care physician may assign your care to a hospitalist during your hospital stay. With a hospitalist in charge, you enjoy the benefit of a physician whose practice is solely dedicated to hospitalized patients. In turn, your primary care physician then has more time to care for patients in the office, with fewer delays and interruptions. For specific information, please check with your doctor.

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If you have any questions concerning your insurance benefits and/or SwedishAmerican's finance and credit policy, please call our business office at (815) 391-7380. To get answers to your questions about the cost of services provided at SwedishAmerican please call (815) 966-2695. Our finance staff will gladly provide you with a preliminary cost estimate for a prospective procedure or clarify the actual cost of any items on your hospital bill. We will provide medically necessary services, within our capacity, to our patients regardless of their ability to pay. If you feel you will need help to pay for your hospital services, please contact our Business Office in confidence to request information about our community assistance program.

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If you know the name of the department or person you are trying to reach within SwedishAmerican Hospital, please call our main number (815) 968-4400. Simply say the name of the person or department you want and the auto attendant will forward your call. To connect to a patient’s room, please dial (815) 968-4400, then press 0 and an operator will transfer your call to the correct room.

For additional assistance, you are welcome to contact the Guest Relations department by calling (779) 696-3898 or sending an email to patientfeedback@swedishamerican.org.

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SwedishAmerican subscribes to 24-hour telephone and video interpretation services and has in-person Spanish interpreters available. The phone service gives us immediate access to interpreters who speak more than 140 languages to provide communication services to our patients and families who speak languages other than English.

Certified signers for the hearing-impaired patients also are available for interpretation, as well as video interpreters, sound amplifiers, telephone amplifiers and TTY telephone devices for those who are hard of hearing. These services are provided at no cost to patients and families. For any special assistance, please ask your nurse and steps will be taken to effectively communicate with you and your family.

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Advance directives are legal documents that enable you to specify ahead of time what forms of treatment you want performed or withheld, should you become unable to communicate this information on your own. Information about the Illinois law on advance directives will be provided to you or your family upon admission. We encourage you to learn more about the types of advance directive documents, which includes Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, or Uniform DNR form.

If you have already prepared such a document, please be sure to have someone bring a copy to the hospital for placement in your record. If you are unsure about what advance directives may mean to you—whether you need one, or how to create one—ask your nurse to refer you to a chaplain, social worker, or guest relations for assistance. One of these staff members will be happy to provide copies of these forms, answer any questions you might have, and if you desire, help you complete them during your hospital stay.

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Yes. You will need a copy of your hospital bill or clinic bill to use our online bill-pay. Locate the “account number” (circled in red) on the sample bill. Compare the sample bill to your printed bill. Finally, select the type of bill to pay and click on the button below either the sample hospital bill or clinic bill to access the online bill-pay.

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