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Quality Leadership

The leadership of SwedishAmerican Health System guides the quality and safety program and allocates resources to foster the efforts for continuously improving organizational performance. These leaders include the governing board, chief executive officer, vice presidents, medical staff officers, directors, and managers. They provide leadership for quality activities by role modeling, planning, educating, setting priorities and providing support.

Specific individuals who play a key role in SwedishAmerican's quality initiatives include Chief Medical Officer Michael J. Born, M.D..

Quality and Safety Program

SwedishAmerican Health System's Quality and Safety Program seeks to systematically improve organizational performance and assure that a single level of care is provided for patients. Performance improvement activities provide health system and medical staff leaders with measures of competency for individuals and demonstrate improvement in processes and outcomes. In addition, an organization-wide safety program focuses on reducing medical errors and providing a safe healthcare environment.

The Quality and Safety Program includes the following:

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